Meet Charlotte E. Avery

Wife, Mom of 7, Entrepreneur,Family Advocate, & Motivator

Charlotte Avery is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who is fiercely committed to helping women go from overwhelmed to overjoyed in their roles as wives and moms. As The Family Strategist™, she draws upon her experiences as the wife of 1, mother of 7, and owner of no pets to give moms the tools they need to define for themselves what it means to have it all.

Charlotte has always had a passion for helping others feel and look their best. She started her career as an athletic trainer after graduating from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation, and obtaining a master’s degree in Sports Medicine from the United States Sports Academy. She was later employed by Fairfax County where she worked as a Teen Center Director and worked with children and adults with special needs. In 2000, Charlotte accepted a position as the Director of the Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr. Family Life Center in Washington, DC. There, she utilized her skills in leadership, communication, and strategic planning to create programs that caused the center’s enrollment to grow and thrive.

Within the first year of their marriage, Charlotte and her husband excitedly welcomed their first child. A mere four months after she gave birth, she learned she was pregnant with their second! As her family grew to include seven children under the age of 13, she became consumed by their needs and began to lose touch with her identity beyond being a wife and mom. She desperately wanted to reconnect to the sense of self and purpose she’d once known, and get back to simply being Charlotte.

By learning how to blend instead of balance her full life through strategic planning, and implementing systems in her home, she was able to ensure she made time for herself, which helped her reconnect with who she was. Using her #PhDinMotherhood, the Being Charlotte Avery brand is her platform to teach other women how to do the same.

Charlotte is an expert on everything from potty training to keeping things alive in the bedroom. Her work is designed to help women learn how to love themselves, strengthen their families, live authentically, and do it all in style! With her infectious personality, fun sense of humor, and refreshingly honest approach, Charlotte is an engaging speaker who regularly gives talks on issues surrounding women’s empowerment, family management, faith, and entrepreneurship.

The author of two books, No One Ever Told Me…Witty, Practical, and Spiritual Truths about Motherhood and the 40 Day Tone of Voice Tone Down, a communication skills guide for wives, Charlotte is known for her practical and highly effective strategies for living a fulfilling life. She’s been featured on ABC affiliate station, WJLA, Howard University radio, WHUR, and a variety of other media outlets in the Washington, DC area for her expertise on these issues. When she’s not running her personal development empire, you can find her spending time with her big, beautiful, and busy family, in the gym, or starting the day striking her favorite Wonder Woman pose.

Being Charlotte Avery

The Family StrategistTM

In 2009, Charlotte E. Avery launched Mythikos MommyTM, a company dedicated to empowering women to be fabulous in their home and professional lives. Mythikos quickly became a unique community for women to share their experiences of motherhood, marriage, and family. From 2009 to 2011, Mythikos amassed a strong social media following and garnered book sales throughout the region.

In 2015, Mythikos MommyTM was relaunched under a new Moniker: Being Charlotte Avery. With so many women reaching out to Charlotte for her wealth of knowledge concerning all things marriage, motherhood, and business, The Family StrategistTM was birthed. As The Family StrategistTM with a Ph.D. in Motherhood, Charlotte creates systems and strategies that build better people, foster healthy households, and create strong communities that will leave a positive legacy.

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Speaking Topics

Tone of Voice Tone Down

How to stop yelling and start managing your tone of voice.

Marriage, Motherhood, Mogul

How to manage marriage, motherhood, and business without sacrificing your family and the business of your dreams.

Raising World Changers

Three keys to raising children that will change the world.

Family Strategy 101

How to create practical and effective systems for your family that will leave a lasting legacy.

Staying Fabulous Through Motherhood

How to stay fabulous and not lose yourself in the mayhem of motherhood.